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Join our worldwide yoga teacher training directory today. You’ll be grateful you did!


Here are just some of the benefits of joining today:-


    • You will have your own page on our directory where you can detail your all the information about your school and courses.


    • Add your contact details so interested parties can call or email you and be hyperlinked directly back to your own website


    • You can post your favourite photographs to showcase your trainings and locations.


    • Include a video to increase interest.


    • Past graduates are able to leave reviews on your listing; You can email them to invite them to leave a testimonial.


    • By hyperlinking your listing to your website, you are creating a powerful backlink, which in turn can boost the search engine ranking of your website (this is particularly relevant as we are a large and growing authority site in the yoga teacher training niche)


    • Your listing gets automatically indexed in Google.


    • Our website visitors are overwhelmingly from native English speaking countries, the largest portion being from the United States of America, and we also have significant traffic from the UK & Canada as well as from Australia, NZ and India. We do however have a growing number of visitors from the rest of Europe, Russia and the Middle East.


    • Your listing automatically gets posted to our Facebook page as soon as it is published on our site!


    • Our users can search by country, as well as by city or location, so anyone in your target area or country for your training will discover your listing when they search on our site.


    • If you take our paid annual listing option, your training also gets posted to our Instagram followers! What’s not to love?




Getting Started: Should You List as a Training or Event?


    • Training listings are the main listing category and all yoga teacher trainings must be listed here.


    • Event listings are for listings which are not trainings, such as yoga retreats, yoga seminars, yoga conferences, yoga festivals, yoga holidays and the like.


    • Get started right now by registering here and once you’ve filled in your name and email you will be taken to the Add Listing page straight away, where you can commence creating your unique listing!



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