Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses

In these modern days, we no longer need to go to the market to buy our fresh produce. We  can do our whole weekly shopping through the comfort of our living room by the click of a single button. The entire world is becoming computerized. And as there are now online university degrees, it comes as no surprise that online yoga teacher training courses have also become available. Some are provided by yoga studios themselves, others are taught through independent websites specializing solely in delivering these online courses.

And because every coin has two side, one can find both a number of advantages as well as disadvantages to this style of yoga training.

Advantages of an Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

1) Time flexibility
Taking a course from the comfort of your home means that you can set your own timetable. If you have a fulltime job that does not allow you to take time off during the day, you have the options of doing your asana practice and studying in the evenings or on the weekends.

2) Detailed Training Material
To be able to substitute a live teacher, the training materials such as videos, mp3 recordings, pictures etc produced by the course provider must be of superb quality. This enables you to study them in detail whenever you feel the need.. During a traditional course for example, the teacher may show how to adjust Downward-Facing Dog once, and if you missed it, that’s pretty much it for you.

3) Practice with Your Friends
If your family or friends are also interested in yoga, you can arrange it so that you practice and study together. That makes the experience more fun for all those involved and still allows you to set your own schedule. When you are taking a live teacher training, you may end up having to spend quite a lot of time with people who’s company you may not necessarily enjoy.

4) Ending and Re-starting at Your Pleasure
There may come a time, when external circumstances make it too difficult to continue your yoga teacher training course. If such a situation occurs whilst enrolled in a studio-based training, it may be very challenging to stop the course and then pick it up again once things settle down. However, with an online course, there is no problem in stopping and starting your course whenever you like, however many time you choose.

5) Financial Savings
In person yoga teacher trainings  usually cost several thousand dollars. Along with the cost of the training, accommodation, reading material and travel need to be paid for. In the case of an online yoga teacher training, none of these additional costs come into play. And in terms of the actual online course itself, some can cost even under 100$! The financial savings of doing an online yoga teacher training are vast.

Nonetheless, personally, I would not recommend signing up to an online yoga teacher training, unless you truly have no other option. And if you do end up taking an online course, make sure it is with a teacher you know personally, or with a studio that is recognized within the circle of yoga practitioners.

Taking part in a yoga teacher training is such a transformative experience due to the people you meet, the interactions you have and the times you get to share, that taking an online course genuinely doesn’t compare. In addition to the above mentioned drawbacks, there are a number of disadvantages to an online yoga teacher training course.

Disadvantages of an Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

1) No Interpersonal Contact
One of the great advantages of doing a live yoga teacher training is the exchanges that occur between you and your teacher. You benefit from being in the presence of someone who has been practising yoga for years, maybe even decades. You can ask questions whenever you want, get physical adjustments that allow you to deepen your asana practice, and get corrected when you are doing something wrong. In fact, undoing bad habits is one of the hardest things to overcome, not only in yoga. Having the possibility to get adjusted and corrected daily for a month or over a period of months is a real blessing that should be taken advantage of.

2) Self-Motivation is Needed
Although it may be comfortable to create your own schedule, one needs a great deal of self-discipline to commit to it. It can become very easy to put things off and not make proper time for your practice and studies. Being part of a studio where there are regular classes or having deadlines for certain assignments ensures that they are completed on time.

3) Delay in Answered Questions
As mentioned earlier, one of the great pros of a face-to-face teacher training is the possibility of asking questions whenever you like and being able to listen to  questions asked by fellow students. If you take an online training course, you may have to wait a couple of hours or even days before your questions get answered.

4) Internet and Computer Assess Required
To have assess to the teaching materials you will most probably need a computer and internet assess 24/7. The video tutorials that you may receive as part of your teaching materials may be downloadable or streamed. If they are downloadable, you need to ensure to have enough capacity on your PC to store these files. If you are streaming, you need a fast enough internet connection to be able to watch the videos and play the podcasts without interruption.
As always when choosing a yoga teacher training, decide what feels right for you. Perhaps you are the kind of person that is motivated enough to study alone.
If you do sign up to an online training, make sure it is accredited and will allow you to teach in your country of residence. Perhaps it may be a good idea to contact several yoga studios beforehand and ask them if they accept students from online courses. Although online yoga teacher trainings are on the rise, the majority of students still decide to train with a teacher at a studio or retreat. This may mean that certain studios do not accept graduates of online courses. Always ask questions before you sign up to a training programme and don’t settle for anything less than amazing!

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